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Video Resume Review: Instead of just written comments, you receieve a video review of your resume. Understand the nuances and get actionable advice to make your resume stand out!

2️⃣ Exclusive Resume Templates: Not sure where to start? We've got you covered! Get access to a few of our premium resume templates designed to make an impression.

3️⃣Pragmatic Resume Advice: Get your resume scrutinized by Joshua Fluke and HR Lady. We've seen thousands of resumes and know exactly the kind of common mistakes to look for.

🔗Templates Included!
Once your purchase is complete, everything you need will be available as a digital download and it will contain instructions on where to send your resume. As a bonus we've include a guide on when and what to use on your resume! You will receive your complete order within 3 business days after sending us your initial resume and details.

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Real Industry Insights: Joshua Fluke, a renowned YouTuber, has been in the trenches of the tech industry and knows what works and what doesn't.

HR Lady Perspective: With HR Lady on board, and over 10 years of industry experience get a unique perspective of what HR Departments look for and the games they play.

Value for Money: At just $50, this is an investment in your future. The insights you gain can be the difference between landing your dream job or getting lost in the pile.

A Creative Approach: Joshua Fluke offers a unique and honest perspective on resumes and job applications. Break away from the traditional and explore innovative ways to present yourself to potential employers.

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